Vigil for peace in Colchester

March 17, 2022   |   Categorised in:

A Peace Vigil was held outside the Quaker Meeting House, 6 Church Street, Colchester CO1 1NF on Saturday 12 March. Over 60 people gathered in compassionate response to the invasion of Ukraine. A small circle of candles was lit and several readings given in spontaneous expression of the deeply felt distress and empathy for those suffering the consequences of war. Together with those of other faiths and none, we waited in peaceful reflection, united in hearing the cry of despair which draws out our compassion, and united in our silent witness for signs of hope.

Quakers invited those present to hold in the Light the people of Ukraine and elsewhere in the world enduring the unimaginable suffering of war – as well as those perpetrating it, remembering that they too are children of God.


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