Colchester Quaker Meeting House

Quaker Meeting for Worship in Clacton is held on Sunday mornings at 10.30On the first Wednesday of each month we meet at Noon for Worship with Soup and Cheese.

Please come and join us. All are welcome.

Quakers have been active in Essex for more than three centuries. Some eighty local Friends were imprisoned for their faith during the religious persecution of the seventeenth century, the best known of whom was James Parnell of Colchester.  Many others were ridiculed, beaten and fined, but they continued to live and worship in the Quaker way.

Quakers do not have creeds and we will not tell people what to believe. We are active in working for peace and justice.

Quakers seek to answer that of God in all people, without regard to race, creed, gender or sexual orientation. Our faith is lived out in our lives, not just for an hour on Sundays.

Parking at Clacton Quaker Meeting House

Free parking in Granville Road