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Quaker faith & practice

Quaker faith & practice is an attempt to express truth through the vital personal and corporate experience of Friends. It is largely composed of extracts from Friends’ writings: a fitting way of expressing the breadth of Quaker theology. It includes Advices and Queries: 42 short paragraphs to help people to live as Quakers. Current structures and practices of Britain Yearly Meeting are also explained.

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Quakers and Quakerism Video Introduction

A 16-minute video (produced by Watford Quaker Meeting) explaining Quakers and Quakerism.

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An introduction to Quakerism

An introduction to Quakerism through its history from 1652 until the end of the twentieth century.

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I’m a Quaker. Ask me why

“I’m a Quaker. Ask me why.” A 9 minute BBC Radio Solent interview with a Hampshire Quaker

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Celebrating Quaker Work

At Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering, Trustees presented a video report of UK Quaker work in 2013. Quakers from Northumbria give their views on the significance of the work for their Quakerism. Click here to watch Celebrating Quaker Work.

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

For learning, leisure and life

Woodbrooke is Europe’s only Quaker Study Centre, offering adult education since 1903. Here you can:

  • experience short courses on personal spiritual growth, theology, creative arts, and training for Quaker roles
  • hire out our elegant meeting rooms for conferences
  • stay with us for bed and breakfast