Harwich Quaker Meeting

Quaker Meeting for Worship at Harwich is held at 10.30 a.m. on the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month.  We hold our meetings at St Nicholas Hall on Stour Road, and you are welcome to join us.

Harwich Meeting was originally established to provide a place of worship for Friends travelling to continental Europe. A meeting house was built in 1709 and rebuilt in 1786. It was sold in 1800. It has since been demolished. Meeting started again in November 2009 in a Friend’s house and then transferred to St Nicholas Hall.

DIRECTIONS TO: Area Meeting at St Nicholas Church Hall, Harwich CO12 3HS

Sunday September 9, 2.15pm


From the A120 into Harwich:

Almost at the end of the A120 is a small roundabout with a turn off to Bathside.  The main A120 continues to the Port, but the second turn off that Bathside roundabout leads into a narrow road clearly labelled Ingestre Street.  Continue to a staggered crossroads, turn left into Alexandra Street which then bends sharply to the right and becomes Stour Road.  The church hall is on the right, a few yards up, on the corner with Vansittart Street.

There is parking all along Stour Road and in Vansittart Street.  There are also a couple of spaces in front of the Hall for AM Clerks and other visiting dignitaries.  We will leave this parking area clear for you and any disabled/frail Friends.

Stour Road continues past the Hall, parallel with the A120, leading back on to it after another 100 or 200 yards.

If you miss the Bathside roundabout turn, you can continue to the next right turn off the A120, which is the far end of Stour Road.  You then need to come back to the Hall which is now on your left.

Parking at Harwich Quaker Meeting

Free parking in Stour Road